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Clean Air for Schools

Help improve lung health

Clean Air Toolkit

This is our joint initiative with Sustrans and Public Health Dorset to improve air quality outside our schools.

We want to help children and their families understand the impact of air pollution, what causes it and how it can be reduced. One of our key aims is to raise awareness about the impact of leaving a car engine running when parked, especially outside schools, and to improve the quality of air in and around schools.

We’ve produced a Clean Air Toolkit for schools, to help teachers deliver engaging ‘clean-air’ lessons, assemblies and activities. It includes videos, presentations, access to hand-held monitors and microscopes, worksheets and ideas.

In addition, below are some additional resources to the original toolkit, which were developed using extra DEFRA funding in 2022/23:

Families can get involved too – find out more here.

Find out more about air pollution outside schools.